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Feel free to contribute to the repository by forking and submitting a pull request!
We welcome contributions that to make the Desktop app better. If you do not have a specific contribution in mind, we encourage you to look for issues labelled as good first issue or look at our roadmap.
For significant changes, please open an issue first to discuss the proposed changes with the community to avoid re-work.
(If you are new to GitHub, you might start with a basic tutorial and check out a more detailed guide to pull requests.)
Pull requests will be evaluated by the repository guardians on a schedule and if deemed beneficial will be committed to the main branch. Pull requests should have a descriptive name and include a summary of all changes made in the pull request description.


If you have a fix, go straight to Getting set up.


If you have something bigger in mind (structural changes, new features) we strongly encourage you to create a new GitHub issue that documents:
  • motivate the changes you want to make
  • how you want to make them
This gives your new idea the best chance to get accepted by the repository maintainers.

Getting set up

git clone
Once you have the code locally, you should be able to test out the current source code by running:
yarn dev
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